Research and Writings

Yeshey Jamtsho (2019) Strategies to Strengthen Sustainable Community Centre Operations: A Study of Bhutan Development Bank, Ma. Diss., Pathum Thani: Asian Institute of Technology.

October 3, 2019

Abstract: This study explores the research on the Strategies to Strengthen Sustainable Community Centre Operations under the operation and management of Bhutan Development Bank. The research study is specifically developed for the community centers and the bank with specific objectives to; identify and assess problems faced in CC Operations, recommend measures to improve sustainability of the CC Operations without undermining its purpose and mandates and identify key players in CC Operations and their terms of reference. As the financial performance of CCs deteriorated consecutively affecting the bank’s profitability and have been in the red since their establishment. A combination of both qualitative and quantitative methodology was adopted to collect information. A comparative analysis between Bhutan Post (BP) and BDB was prepared and examined based on the secondary data. And online survey was conducted thereon. Data collection from the study area was done taking sample size of 212 CCOs out of which 207 responded to online survey questionnaires. The data collected was analysed using Google forms, which automatically generates the analytical data and accordingly interpretation was processed. To have further comparative analysis, another sample size of 17 resigned staffs (ex-CCOs) was surveyed online and 16 responded with only single left out. The same findings shall serve as empirical back up for the future references. The outcome of the study may usher BDB management to further seek the policy makers for appropriate decision making on the community center operation’s permanent management body and propose for government’s subsidy that will benefit for both the bank and the community center as a whole in attaining the concept of GNH. This paper is one of the very few studies which have been especially focused for the prospects of Community Center Operations in Bhutan where the light of social and economic wellbeing begins.