Research and Writings

Nazia Haque (2019) Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnerships in Bangladesh: Evidence from the Field, Ma. Diss., Pathum Thani: Asian Institute of Technology.

October 3, 2019

Abstract: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) has redefined the roles played by public and private sector in delivering public services; the private sector involvement has increased manifold since the inception of PPP. Like many other countries, Bangladesh has also realized the necessity of considering PPP as a way to meeting investment challenges. However, challenges associated with implementation of PPP is diverse in nature and for effective implementation, stakeholders need to have adequate knowledge regarding the contributing factors. This study attempted to identify the critical success factors for PPP implementation in Bangladesh and to determine the significance of those factors. Moreover, responses from public and private sector were compared to assess the level of arrangement between them. A questionnaire survey was conducted, and the top five factors as perceived by the respondents are ‘transparent and competitive procurement process’, ‘favourable level framework’, ‘appropriate risk allocation and risk sharing’, ‘strong private consortium ’and ‘sound financial analysis’. The findings also indicated that the degree of agreement between public and private sector experts on the significance of the factors are good. The outcomes of this research project have provided some insights into the relative importance of success factors for PPP in the context of Bangladesh. It is believed that relevant stakeholders will find it beneficial for improving future PPP practices in the country.