Research and Writings

Mustafa Sadee Sabereen Towhid (2019) Macroeconomic and Socio-Political Determinants of Private Sector Investment in the Context of Bangladesh, Ma. Diss., Pathum Thani: Asian Institute of Technology.

October 3, 2019

Abstract: In context of Bangladesh, Private Investment has significant positive relationship with Foreign Direct Investment, Gross Domestic Product and Terms of Trade while Real Interest Rate has a significant negative relationship. Though inflation shows a negative relationship, but the relationship is not statically significant. Stated relationships are also significant in the long run. The study found that mathematically Political Stability encourages Private Investment and Natural Disaster & Calamity causes falling of Private Investment. But this statement doesn’t come out statistically significant. The study also implies that a major part of the investment decisions is autonomously driven. Low rankings in Ease of Doing Business Index & low scores in all the indicators of Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) explain the fact. Improvement in the ranks of ‘Voice & Accountability’, ‘Political Stability and Lack of Violence’ & ‘Government Effectiveness’ will help to boost up Private Investment.