Research and Writings

Afsana Chowdhury (2019) Streamlining the Remittances Flow: Issues, Prospects and Suggestions for Bangladesh, Ma. Diss., Pathum Thani: Asian Institute of Technology.

October 3, 2019

Abstract: Rising economies suffering from foreign currency, wage earners remittances can be a major source for foreign exchange earnings. Remittances help a country to increase the purchasing power, augmenting household consumption, promote local production, poverty alleviation, and unemployment reduction. Remittances help recipient’s families to raise human capital stock, as long as better education and healthcare facilities, allowing social mobility and make them conscientious civilian. Remittances plays vital role for minimizing dependency on foreign aid and investment. Where increase of remittance helps economy to flourish decrease in remittances flow put some emerging economies in crisis. This up and down of remittances flow can be caused by many factors and sometimes beyond our control. Among the causes of remittance flow one may be to use informal channels for money remittances which make remittances statistics erroneous and facilitate the development of an underground economy.  Reasons for using informal source of money remittances are lack of available banking facility, stiff regulation, complexity of using banking channel, cost of remittances, illegal migration, political crisis etc. As negative forces are somewhat out of control alternative is foster the positive forces. Remedial issues should be move around bring migration under popper system.