A competition for the best master research projects were held on March 7, 2012 on the campus of AIT. Six research projects were short-listed for the competition and presented to a panel of judges.

The panel of judges consisted of:

  1. Prof. Indra M. Pandey, Vice President for Academic Affairs of AIT
  2. Dr. Weerakoon A. Wijewardena, Former Deputy-Governor, Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  3. Mr. Md. Ahsan Ullah, Executive Director and Project Director (CBSP), Bangladesh Bank
  4. Dr. Poomjai Nacaskul, Research Department, Bank of Thailand

The projects were evaluated according to the criteria below:
A. Relevance and Clarity of Objectives
B. Adequacy of Literature Review
C. Appropriateness of Methodoloty
D. Quality of Conclusions
C. Strength of Recommendations

The winner of the competition was Mr. A.M.S. Sharif Mahmud with the research project title: Determinants behind the use of Informal Channels for Remitting Money from Overseas by the Wage Earners of Bangladesh.

The two runner ups for the competition were:
Mr. Rathin Kumar Paul
Research Project Title: Risk Mitigation In PPPs: Lessons from Bangladesh Experience

Mr. Bhaskar Podder
Research Project Title: Determinants of Pprofitability of private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study